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Thread: about the black dragon sect?

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    shugyosha Guest

    Default about the black dragon sect?

    i d like to have informations about black dragon sect, where so doshin studied and belonged first.
    what was their martial art?
    their political atachement?
    and is this possible that they still exist? (i dont think so)
    thank you

    jimi demi

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    Keith Frederick Guest


    There's loads of historical information about the Black Dragon Society on the net. Look around for Kokuryukai to help make the search results cleaner. I like using GOOGLE for searches.

    My understanding is that, in a nut shell, the society was an ultra-nationalist organization that helped in the Japanese war efforts.

    - Keith

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    A more accurate translation for the Chinese characters, in terms of the intent of the gang, would be Amur River Society. The Kokuryukai was an offshoot of the Genyosha, wich means Dark Ocean Society and refers to the straits between Korea and Japan. Genyosha originated in the fall out over the Seikanron (Chastise Korea Debate) schism in the Meiji oligarchy that lead to Saigo's rebellion. Originally, Toyama Mitsura founded Genyosha as a school for training his diciples in far right-wing ultranationalist politics and martial arts, so that they could act as agents of Japanese imperialism. As the name of the gang implies, Genyosha was dedicated to spreading Japanese influence/dominance into Korea.

    After Genyosha agents participated in the brutal murder of Korea's Queen Min, Uchida Ryohei, one Toyama's senior students, founded Kokuryukai as a branch of the Genyosha. From that point on, Genyosha became more active in right-wing politics in Japan while Kokuryukai carried out the field work on the continent. As the name of Kokuryukai suggests, its main goal was to spread the Japanese Empire to the Amur River. Like Genyosha before it, Kokuryukai agents served as agent provocatures in Korea, Manchuria and China - engaging in free lance espionage for the Japanese military and funding there activities through a combination of illegal and quasi legal activities (prostitution/human trafficing, drug smuggling, and extortion) along with donations from wealthy right-wing politicians and business leaders. Ironically, in the 1930s some of these business leaders and politicians found themselves of Genyosha sponsored assasinations.

    Following WWII, SCAP (Supreme Command Allied Powers) ordered that all right-wing gangs disband and listed Genyosha and Kokuryukai at the top of the list. However, the tradition that these gangsters started of blending right-wing ultranationalism with organized criminal violence has had a lasting influence in organized crime in both Japan and Korea.

    John Wayne Sabey wrote an excellent dissertation on this topic.
    Joe Cheavens

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    Wow! This thread just got resurrected from 2001 !!

    So in addition, if you're interested,see a thread I raised last year (May 2005) in which I wrote;

    From an entirely unrelated thread elsewhere on E-Budo comes this link. As it was made for background to a game, ignore the reference at the end to "Green Dragons". Otherwise, I am led to believe it is an accurate history of the formation of the "Black Dragon" Society which organised, amongst other things, spies across Manchuria.

    Kaiso's "interesting employment" can be seen in its historical context by reading their story.
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